“Estrella” - composition analysis

Ggeoglyphs in the Nazca mountains - is it just a simple ornament or the plan
of the Great Pyramid?

The application. precision of the drawing.

© V. Kulikov

Translated by Olga Kozlova - 2013

(not finished.)





Valery Kulikov 1963г.-2012г.


But... The author has untimely completed his earthly journey and had no time to put the final point in his work. The questions, raised in this article, are deeply going through the layers of the History of the Mankind. And the Time is always not enough to illuminate all their power and importance. The Time just let us to get closer to the Truth, and allow some of us to make a brief touch of it with the edge of a wing, being burnt in the rays of its ruthless radiance ...

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