- Abydos -

It took 5 years after our previous expedition to Abydos. Reports on previous visits to Abydos are published in or reports on the expeditions: Egypt-2012 (December), Egypt-2013 (April) and Egypt-2013 (November-December).

The purpose of visiting Abydos, within the framework of the ISIDA Project in 2018, was to make more detailed observations and studyings, for our further work on revealing of the possible existence of underground structures, hidden in the endless sands of these ancient lands.

This time we will consider the ancient monuments in their complex, linking together all the points that are specifying on their possible connections and allowing us to make another small step towards the understanding of the great conception of the Ancient Egyptian Architects.

Chapter I
Chapter II
The Temple of Sety I
Chapter III
The Temple
of Ramesses II
Chapter IV
Sanctuary of Osiris



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