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The tomb of Ahmose - Son of Abana

Ahmose - the Son of Abana, served as the Naval officer in the Egyptian army at the end of the XVIIth - beginning of the XVIIIth Dynasty. Abana was the name of his mother. Her name was a part of the name of Ahmose, carved on the walls of the tomb. Most of his military life he spent in the Navy. He had his military campaigns in Avaris, Sharuhene (in Palestine), as well as in Nubia under the rule of Sekhenenre Tao II, Kames, Ahmose I and Thutmose I.

His tomb, hewn in a rocky sandstone massif, is listed in catalogs under the code number EK-5. According to the texts, carved on its walls, the tomb was built by his grandson - Nomarch Paheri, who wanted to perpetuate the name and glory of his famous grandfather. However, Ahmose himself was not buried in this tomb, despite the fact that all the canons of the tomb, including the funeral pit in a small cell in the western wall, were created.

Ahmose was awarded many honors for his courage in the battles. This fact, along with information about his military campaigns, is inscribed on the walls of his tomb.




Author: Авдиев В.И.
Военная история Древнего Египта.
Year: 1948

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